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It may seem undemocratic for a party to select it's candidates through "party insiders", but that is the current case. Luckily, we can make our voices heard through social media & hopefully appeal to the democratic ideals our party once stood for. Use the info below to contact SuperDelegates and please contact us on Twitter if you have ideas for improving this process.

Delegate State Candidate Socials
Alma AdamsAlma Adams | Wikipedia BioNCClinton
Pete AguilarPete Aguilar | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Steven K. AlariCANone
Maggie AllenMEClinton
Jill AlperJill Alper | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Rafael AnchiaRafael Anchia | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Joe AndrewJoe Andrew | Wikipedia BioMDNone
Stuart AppelbaumNYClinton
Dennis ArcherDennis Archer | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Patrice M. ArentPatrice M. Arent | Wikipedia BioUTClinton
Brad AshfordBrad Ashford | Wikipedia BioNEClinton
Jon M. AusmanFLClinton
Carrie AustinCarrie Austin | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Shawn K. BagleyCAClinton
Tammy BaldwinTammy Baldwin | Wikipedia BioWIClinton
Nick BallettoCTClinton
Virginia BarnesMANone
Phil BartlettPhil Bartlett | Wikipedia BioMENone
Karen BassKaren Bass | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Jan BauerIAClinton
Joyce BeattyJoyce Beatty | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Xavier BecerraXavier Becerra | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Van BeechlerIDNone
Cecil BenjaminVINone
Michael BennetMichael Bennet | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
Ami BeraAmi Bera | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Bret BerlinFLClinton
Jeff BermanDCClinton
Don BeyerDon Beyer | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
Belinda BiaforeWVClinton
Gus BickfordMAClinton
Joe BidenJoe Biden | Wikipedia BioDENone
Erin BilbrayNVSanders
Rachel BinahRachel Binah | Wikipedia BioCANone
Sanford BishopSanford Bishop | Wikipedia BioGANone
Stephen BittelFLClinton
Artie BlancoNVClinton
Richard BloomingdaleRichard Bloomingdale | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Earl BlumenauerEarl Blumenauer | Wikipedia BioORClinton
Richard BlumenthalRichard Blumenthal | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Dean BoersteINClinton
James C. BolandJames C. Boland | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Suzanne BonamiciSuzanne Bonamici | Wikipedia BioORClinton
Anita BondsAnita Bonds | Wikipedia BioDCNone
Cory BookerCory Booker | Wikipedia BioNJClinton
Madeleine BordalloMadeleine Bordallo | Wikipedia BioGUClinton
David BowenDavid Bowen | Wikipedia BioWISanders
Muriel BowserMuriel Bowser | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Barbara BoxerBarbara Boxer | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Carolyn BoyceIDClinton
Rick BoylanFLNone
Brendan F. BoylePAClinton
Bob BradyBob Brady | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Bob BragarDAClinton
Sandra BrandtVAClinton
Joyce BrayboyNCNone
Donna BrazileDonna Brazile | Wikipedia BioDCNone
Scott BrennanIAClinton
Doug BrooksMOClinton
Boyd BrownBoyd Brown | Wikipedia BioSCClinton
Corrine BrownCorrine Brown | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Jerry BrownJerry Brown | Wikipedia BioCANone
Kate BrownKate Brown | Wikipedia BioORClinton
Michael D. BrownMichael D. Brown | Wikipedia BioDCNone
Sherrod BrownSherrod Brown | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Julia BrownleyJulia Brownley | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Jocelyn BucaroOHClinton
Raymond BuckleyRaymond Buckley | Wikipedia BioNHNone
Steve BullockSteve Bullock | Wikipedia BioMTNone
Tonio BurgosNJClinton
Carol BurkeVINone
John L. BurtonJohn L. Burton | Wikipedia BioCANone
Joe BuscainoJoe Buscaino | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Cheri BustosCheri Bustos | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Laphonza ButlerNYClinton
G.K. ButterfieldNCClinton
Michael CacaceCTClinton
Mitchell CaesarFLClinton
Mary Beth CahillMary Beth Cahill | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Laura CalvoORNone
Rosiky F. CamachoMPClinton
MaryEva CandonDCClinton
Maria CantwellMaria Cantwell | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Lois CappsLois Capps | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Michael CapuanoMAClinton
Tony CardenasCAClinton
Ben CardinBen Cardin | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Maria CardonaMaria Cardona | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
John CarneyJohn Carney | Wikipedia BioDEClinton
Tom CarperTom Carper | Wikipedia BioDEClinton
André CarsonAndré Carson | Wikipedia BioINClinton
Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter | Wikipedia BioGANone
Karen Carter PetersonKaren Carter Peterson | Wikipedia BioLAClinton
Matt CartwrightMatt Cartwright | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Bob Casey, Jr.PAClinton
Richard CassidyVTSanders
Kathy CastorKathy Castor | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Joaquín CastroJoaquín Castro | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Will CheekTNNone
Michael ChildersWIClinton
Judy ChuJudy Chu | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
David CicillineDavid Cicilline | Wikipedia BioRIClinton
Katherine ClarkKatherine Clark | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Martha Fuller ClarkMartha Fuller Clark | Wikipedia BioNHNone
Yvette ClarkeYvette Clarke | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Emanuel CleaverEmanuel Cleaver | Wikipedia BioMOClinton
Alan ClendeninFLClinton
Bill ClintonBill Clinton | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Jim ClyburnJim Clyburn | Wikipedia BioSCClinton
Kathleen ClydeKathleen Clyde | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Gilda Cobb-HunterGilda Cobb-Hunter | Wikipedia BioSCNone
Tony CoelhoTony Coelho | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Larry CohenLarry Cohen | Wikipedia BioDCSanders
Steve CohenSteve Cohen | Wikipedia BioTNClinton
Maria C. ColeNYClinton
Rickey ColeMSClinton
Garnet ColemanGarnet Coleman | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Sheila ComarNYClinton
Jim CondosJim Condos | Wikipedia BioVTSanders
Gerry ConnollyGerry Connolly | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
John ConyersJohn Conyers | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Steven CookMINone
Vivian CookNYNone
Chris CoonsChris Coons | Wikipedia BioDEClinton
Jim CooperJim Cooper | Wikipedia BioTNClinton
Maria CordoneMDClinton
Peter CorroonPeter Corroon | Wikipedia BioUTSanders
Jim CostaJim Costa | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Jerry CostelloJerry Costello | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Ed CoteWANone
Pat CothamNCNone
Jeannette CouncilNCClinton
Joe CourtneyJoe Courtney | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Janet CowellJanet Cowell | Wikipedia BioNCClinton
Jeffrey David CoxJeffrey David Cox | Wikipedia BioNCClinton
Doris Crouse MaysVANone
Joseph CrowleyJoseph Crowley | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Henry CuellarHenry Cuellar | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
John CullertonJohn Cullerton | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Elijah CummingsElijah Cummings | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Andrew CuomoAndrew Cuomo | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Ana CuprillWYClinton
Melba CurlsMOClinton
John CurrieNJClinton
Kenneth M. CurtisKenneth M. Curtis | Wikipedia BioFLNone
Joyce CusackJoyce Cusack | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
John D. DanielloDEClinton
Tom DaschleTom Daschle | Wikipedia BioSDClinton
Leah DaughtryNYNone
Danny K. DavisDanny K. Davis | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Susan DavisSusan Davis | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Wendy DavisGAClinton
Yvonne DavisYvonne Davis | Wikipedia BioTXNone
Ralph DawsonNYClinton
Mark DaytonMark Dayton | Wikipedia BioMNClinton
Howard DeanHoward Dean | Wikipedia BioVTClinton
Dottie DeansVTSanders
Peter DeFazioPeter DeFazio | Wikipedia BioORNone
Diana DeGetteDiana DeGette | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
John DelaneyJohn Delaney | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Rosa DeLauroRosa DeLauro | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Suzan DelBeneSuzan DelBene | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Debra DeLeeDebra DeLee | Wikipedia BioMANone
Mark DeSaulnierMark DeSaulnier | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Ted DeutchTed Deutch | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Barbaralee Diamonstein-SpielvogelBarbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Grace DiazGrace Diaz | Wikipedia BioRIClinton
Brandon DillonBrandon Dillon | Wikipedia BioMINone
Nancy DiNardoNancy DiNardo | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Debbie DingellDebbie Dingell | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Arrington DixonArrington Dixon | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Frank DixonORNone
Chris DoddChris Dodd | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Lloyd DoggettLloyd Doggett | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Kate DonaghueMAClinton
Ronald DonatucciRonald Donatucci | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Joe DonnellyJoe Donnelly | Wikipedia BioINClinton
Becca DotenCANone
Joanne DowdellNHClinton
Michael F. DoyleMichael F. Doyle | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Tammy DuckworthTammy Duckworth | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Maria Elena DurazoMaria Elena Durazo | Wikipedia BioCANone
Dick DurbinDick Durbin | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Jess DurfeeCAClinton
Mary Ellen EarlyCANone
John EastwoodDANone
Maria EchavesteMaria Echaveste | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Olma EcheverriNCClinton
Donna EdwardsDonna Edwards | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
John Bel EdwardsJohn Bel Edwards | Wikipedia BioLAClinton
Joyce ElliottJoyce Elliott | Wikipedia BioARClinton
Keith EllisonKeith Ellison | Wikipedia BioMNSanders
Louis ElrodGANone
Eliot EngelEliot Engel | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Akilah EnsleyNCClinton
Reni ErdosNJSanders
Anna EshooAnna Eshoo | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Lily Eskelsen GarcíaLily Eskelsen García | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Elizabeth EstyElizabeth Esty | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Joe FalkFLClinton
Sam FarrSam Farr | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Herman FarrellNYClinton
Chaka FattahChaka Fattah | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Dianne FeinsteinDianne Feinstein | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Katherine Fernandez RundleKatherine Fernandez Rundle | Wikipedia BioFLNone
Rajiv FernandoILClinton
Hector FigueroaNYClinton
Bill FosterBill Foster | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Donald FowlerDonald Fowler | Wikipedia BioSCClinton
Earl FowlkesDCClinton
Lois FrankelLois Frankel | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Isabel FramerOHClinton
Pat Frost BrooksOHClinton
Al FrankenAl Franken | Wikipedia BioMNClinton
Jim FrasierOKNone
David FryeINClinton
Marcia FudgeMarcia Fudge | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Tulsi GabbardTulsi Gabbard | Wikipedia BioHISanders
Kate GallegoAZClinton
Ruben GallegoRuben Gallego | Wikipedia BioAZClinton
John GaramendiJohn Garamendi | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Eric GarcettiEric Garcetti | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Alejandro García PadillaAlejandro García Padilla | Wikipedia BioPRNone
Montserrat GaribayTXClinton
Al GarrettMIClinton
Tefere GebreTefere Gebre | Wikipedia BioCANone
Dick GephardtDick Gephardt | Wikipedia BioMOClinton
Penny GerberPAClinton
Alice GermondVAClinton
Pete GertonsonIDSanders
Mike GierauWYClinton
Kirsten GillibrandKirsten Gillibrand | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Bob GilliganDEClinton
Emily GiskeNYClinton
Angel GomezFLClinton
Alma GonzalezFLClinton
Barry GoodmanMIClinton
Lisa GoodmanDEClinton
Al GoreAl Gore | Wikipedia BioTNNone
Billi GoshVTClinton
Gwen GrahamGwen Graham | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Anthony GravesCOClinton
Alan GraysonAlan Grayson | Wikipedia BioFLSanders
Al GreenAl Green | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Darlene GreenMOClinton
Gene GreenGene Green | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Vallena GreerMSClinton
Janice GriffinMDNone
Raúl GrijalvaRaúl Grijalva | Wikipedia BioAZSanders
Marcel GroenMarcel Groen | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Michael GronstalMichael Gronstal | Wikipedia BioIAClinton
Stanley GrossmanDAClinton
Steve GrossmanMAClinton
Carol GuthrieTXNone
Joni GutierrezJoni Gutierrez | Wikipedia BioNMClinton
Luis GutiérrezLuis Gutiérrez | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Debra HaalandNMNone
Dan HalpernGAClinton
Janice HahnJanice Hahn | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Mary HalesMary Hales | Wikipedia BioWYClinton
Mark HammonsOKNone
Emmett Hansen IIVIClinton
Elaine HarrisWVNone
Fred R. HarrisFred R. Harris | Wikipedia BioNMNone
Jaime HarrisonSCClinton
Maggie HassanMaggie Hassan | Wikipedia BioNHClinton
Alcee HastingsAlcee Hastings | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Zack HawkinsNCClinton
Denny HeckWAClinton
Martin HeinrichMartin Heinrich | Wikipedia BioNMClinton
Heidi HeitkampHeidi Heitkamp | Wikipedia BioNDClinton
Jacquie HeltMTNone
Luis HerediaAZClinton
John HickenlooperJohn Hickenlooper | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
Brian HigginsBrian Higgins | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Tony HillTony Hill | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Gilberto HinojosaGilberto Hinojosa | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Rubén HinojosaRubén Hinojosa | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Jim HimesJim Himes | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Mazie HironoMazie Hirono | Wikipedia BioHIClinton
Pat HobbsCANone
Marge HoffaMNClinton
Wayne HollandWayne Holland | Wikipedia BioUTSanders
Eleanor Holmes NortonEleanor Holmes Norton | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Danny HomanIAClinton
Mike HondaMike Honda | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Steny HoyerSteny Hoyer | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Fred HudsonVAClinton
Alice HuffmanCAClinton
Jared HuffmanJared Huffman | Wikipedia BioCANone
Aleita HugueninCAClinton
Therese HunkinASSanders
Daniel HynesDaniel Hynes | Wikipedia BioILO'Malley
Harold IckesHarold Ickes | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
David IgeDavid Ige | Wikipedia BioHINone
Vince InsalacoARClinton
Jay InsleeJay Inslee | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Steve IsraelSteve Israel | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Troy JacksonTroy Jackson | Wikipedia BioMESanders
Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson Lee | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Victoria Jackson-StanleyVictoria Jackson-Stanley | Wikipedia BioMDNone
Jay JacobsNYClinton
Nancy JacobsonFLSanders
Sly JamesSly James | Wikipedia BioMOClinton
Ben JeffersLANone
Hakeem JeffriesHakeem Jeffries | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Tim JermanVTSanders
Norwood JewellMINone
Connie JohnsonConnie Johnson | Wikipedia BioOKSanders
Eddie Bernice JohnsonEddie Bernice Johnson | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Hank JohnsonHank Johnson | Wikipedia BioGAClinton
Lacy JohnsonINClinton
Matt JohnsonCANone
Gale Jones CarsonTNClinton
Ray JordanMAClinton
Tim KaineTim Kaine | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
Elaine KamarckMAClinton
Ron KaminskiNEClinton
Marcy KapturMarcy Kaptur | Wikipedia BioOHSanders
William KeatingWilliam Keating | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Patsy KeeverPatsy Keever | Wikipedia BioNCNone
John KellerILClinton
Randy KelleyALClinton
Unzell KelleyALClinton
Robin KellyRobin Kelly | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Joseph P. Kennedy IIIJoseph P. Kennedy III | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Ruben KihuenRuben Kihuen | Wikipedia BioNVClinton
Dan KildeeDan Kildee | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Derek KilmerDerek Kilmer | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Lee KinchKSNone
Ron KindRon Kind | Wikipedia BioWIClinton
Paul G. KirkPaul G. Kirk | Wikipedia BioMASanders
Ann KirkpatrickAnn Kirkpatrick | Wikipedia BioAZClinton
Amy KlobucharAmy Klobuchar | Wikipedia BioMNClinton
Kaye KoonceSCClinton
Sarah KovnerNYClinton
Debra KozikowskiMANone
Ann KusterNHClinton
Andrew LachmanCAClinton
Roberta LangeNVNone
Jim LangevinRIClinton
Deborah LanghoffLAClinton
Linda LangstonLinda Langston | Wikipedia BioIAClinton
Martha LaningMartha Laning | Wikipedia BioWINone
Rick LarsenRick Larsen | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Jim LarsonMTNone
John B. LarsonJohn B. Larson | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Warren LarsonNDNone
Brenda LawrenceBrenda Lawrence | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Gerald LawrencePAClinton
Patrick LeahyPatrick Leahy | Wikipedia BioVTNone
Barbara LeeBarbara Lee | Wikipedia BioCANone
Sunita LeedsDCClinton
Frank LeoneVAClinton
Bel Leong-HongMDClinton
Cindy LernerFLClinton
Sander LevinMIClinton
John LewisJohn Lewis | Wikipedia BioGAClinton
Yvette LewisMDClinton
Ted LieuTed Lieu | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Dan LipinskiDan Lipinski | Wikipedia BioILSanders
John LitzJohn Litz | Wikipedia BioTNClinton
Dave LoebsackDave Loebsack | Wikipedia BioIAClinton
Zoe LofgrenZoe Lofgren | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Valerie LonghurstDEClinton
Andrés W. LópezAndrés W. López | Wikipedia BioPRNone
Sandra LoridansDAClinton
Martha LoveWIClinton
Evan LowEvan Low | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Joe LoweSDNone
Alan LowenthalAlan Lowenthal | Wikipedia BioCANone
Nita LoweyNita Lowey | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Juanita LuizWANone
Ben R. LujánNMClinton
Michelle Lujan GrishamMichelle Lujan Grisham | Wikipedia BioNMClinton
Stephen F. LynchStephen F. Lynch | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Kerman MaddoxCAClinton
Michael MadiganMichael Madigan | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Mark MalloryMark Mallory | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Dan MalloyCTClinton
Ronald MaloneOHClinton
Carolyn MaloneyCarolyn Maloney | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Sean Patrick MaloneySean Patrick Maloney | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Joe ManchinJoe Manchin | Wikipedia BioWVClinton
Mary ManciniTNNone
Jack MarkellJack Markell | Wikipedia BioDEClinton
Ed MarkeyEd Markey | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Bert MarleyBert Marley | Wikipedia BioIDSanders
Marcia MarleyNJClinton
Pat MaroneyWVClinton
Ken MartinKen Martin | Wikipedia BioMNClinton
Iris MartinezIris Martinez | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Marcus MasonDCClinton
Sharon MastWANone
Doris MatsuiDoris Matsui | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Edna MattsonRIClinton
Lupita MaurerORSanders
Glen MaxeyGlen Maxey | Wikipedia BioTXNone
Janet MayALClinton
Jayne MazzottiILClinton
Terry McAuliffeTerry McAuliffe | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
Valerie McCallOHClinton
Claire McCaskillClaire McCaskill | Wikipedia BioMOClinton
Jennifer McClellanJennifer McClellan | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
Kenneth McClintockKenneth McClintock | Wikipedia BioPRClinton
Betty McCollumBetty McCollum | Wikipedia BioMNNone
Dustin McDanielDustin McDaniel | Wikipedia BioARClinton
Jim McDermottJim McDermott | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
David McDonaldWANone
Betty McElderryOKClinton
Thomas M. McGeeThomas M. McGee | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Jim McGovernJim McGovern | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Andy McGuireIANone
Rhine McLinRhine McLin | Wikipedia BioOHNone
Marv McMoore, Jr.MANone
Joseph McNamaraJoseph McNamara | Wikipedia BioRIClinton
Jerry McNerneyJerry McNerney | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Gregory MeeksGregory Meeks | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Shari MellinINClinton
Bob MenendezBob Menendez | Wikipedia BioNJClinton
Grace MengGrace Meng | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Jeff MerkleyJeff Merkley | Wikipedia BioORSanders
Kim MetcalfeAKClinton
Barbara MikulskiBarbara Mikulski | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Breanne MillerUTClinton
Lorraine MillerLorraine Miller | Wikipedia BioTXNone
Nancy MillsPAClinton
Stephanie MinerStephanie Miner | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
George J. MitchellGeorge J. Mitchell | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Heather MizeurHeather Mizeur | Wikipedia BioMDSanders
Lolo Matalasi MoligaLolo Matalasi Moliga | Wikipedia BioASClinton
Maureen MonahanNENone
Walter MondaleWalter Mondale | Wikipedia BioMNClinton
Frank MontanaroRIClinton
Charles E. MooreKYNone
Gwen MooreGwen Moore | Wikipedia BioWIClinton
Minyon MooreMinyon Moore | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Javier Morillo-AliceaMNClinton
Arthur MorrellArthur Morrell | Wikipedia BioLAClinton
Bruce MorrisonBruce Morrison | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Seth MoultonSeth Moulton | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Dorothy MrowkaCTClinton
Bob MulhollandBob Mulholland | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Henry Muñoz IIITXNone
Larry MurakamiAKSanders
Chris MurphyChris Murphy | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Patrick MurphyPatrick Murphy | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Ian MurrayPAClinton
Patty MurrayPatty Murray | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Jerrold NadlerJerrold Nadler | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Grace NapolitanoGrace Napolitano | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Katie NaranjoTXClinton
Richard NealRichard Neal | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Bill NelsonBill Nelson | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Nick NemecSDNone
Jadine NielsenHIClinton
Jay NixonJay Nixon | Wikipedia BioMOClinton
Chad NodlandNDSanders
Rick NolanRick Nolan | Wikipedia BioMNSanders
Donald NorcrossDonald Norcross | Wikipedia BioNJNone
George NorcrossGeorge Norcross | Wikipedia BioNJNone
Michael NutterMichael Nutter | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
David O'BrienMAClinton
Blanca O'LearyCOClinton
Beto O'RourkeBeto O'Rourke | Wikipedia BioTXNone
Barack ObamaBarack Obama | Wikipedia BioILNone
Carlos OdioFLNone
Stephanie OhigashiHINone
Russell OkataHIClinton
John OlsenJohn Olsen | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Ian OlsonAKNone
Danica OparnicaAZSanders
Sandy OpstvedtIAClinton
Liza M. OrtizLiza M. Ortiz | Wikipedia BioPRNone
Sannie OverlySannie Overly | Wikipedia BioKYNone
Kylie OversenKylie Oversen | Wikipedia BioNDNone
William OwenTNClinton
Karen PackerORClinton
Lisa PadillaCONone
Rick PalacioRick Palacio | Wikipedia BioCONone
Frank PalloneFrank Pallone | Wikipedia BioNJClinton
Bruce PalmerWYClinton
Bill PascrellBill Pascrell | Wikipedia BioNJClinton
John PatrickTXNone
Johnnie PattonMSSanders
Donald Payne, Jr.NJClinton
Gregory PecoraroMDClinton
Christine PelosiChristine Pelosi | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi | Wikipedia BioCANone
Carol PenskyMDClinton
David A. PepperDavid A. Pepper | Wikipedia BioOHNone
John PerdueJohn Perdue | Wikipedia BioWVClinton
Joaquin PerezGUClinton
John PérezJohn Pérez | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Ed PerlmutterEd Perlmutter | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
Thersita B. PertduoMPClinton
Gary PetersGary Peters | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Scott PetersScott Peters | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Collin PetersonCollin Peterson | Wikipedia BioMNSanders
Greg PettisCANone
Renee PfenningNDNone
Fredericka PhillipsTXNone
Pedro PierluisiPedro Pierluisi | Wikipedia BioPRClinton
Chellie PingreeChellie Pingree | Wikipedia BioMEClinton
Stacey PlaskettStacey Plaskett | Wikipedia BioVIClinton
Mark PocanMark Pocan | Wikipedia BioWINone
Jared PolisJared Polis | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
Bruce PooleBruce Poole | Wikipedia BioMDNone
DuBose PorterDuBose Porter | Wikipedia BioGAClinton
Ed PotilloEd Potillo | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Steven PowellILClinton
Vincent PowersNENone
Roberto PratsRoberto Prats | Wikipedia BioPRClinton
David PriceDavid Price | Wikipedia BioNCClinton
Carrie PughDCClinton
Doug PyleHISanders
Nancy QuarlesMINone
Sandy QuerryMOClinton
Mike QuigleyMike Quigley | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Jake QuinnNCSanders
Jorge QuintanaMTNone
Karl RacineKarl Racine | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Jason RaeJason Rae | Wikipedia BioWINone
Gina RaimondoGina Raimondo | Wikipedia BioRIClinton
Andres RamirezNVClinton
Rion RamirezWAClinton
Charles RangelCharles Rangel | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Jaxon RavensWANone
Stephanie Rawlings-BlakeStephanie Rawlings-Blake | Wikipedia BioMDNone
Richard RayGANone
Jack ReedJack Reed | Wikipedia BioRIClinton
Kasim ReedKasim Reed | Wikipedia BioGAClinton
Chris ReganWVSanders
Steve RegenstreifDCClinton
Clara ReidASClinton
Harry ReidHarry Reid | Wikipedia BioNVClinton
Ed RendellEd Rendell | Wikipedia BioPAClinton
Rory RespicioGUClinton
Riise RichardsVINone
Laura RickettsLaura Ricketts | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Shane RiddleLAClinton
Betty RitchieTXClinton
Dennis RiveraNYClinton
Matt RobinsonMOClinton
Bill RoeAZNone
José R. RodríguezJosé R. Rodríguez | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Mannie RodriguezMannie Rodriguez | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
Roy RomerRoy Romer | Wikipedia BioCOClinton
Carol RonenCarol Ronen | Wikipedia BioILClinton
James RooseveltJames Roosevelt | Wikipedia BioMANone
Ellen RosenblumEllen Rosenblum | Wikipedia BioORClinton
Sally RosserGAClinton
Bill Roy, Jr.KSNone
Lucille Roybal-AllardLucille Roybal-Allard | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Kathleen RiceKathleen Rice | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Cedric RichmondCedric Richmond | Wikipedia BioLAClinton
Virgie RollinsMINone
Joe RugolaOHClinton
Raul RuizRaul Ruiz | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Dutch RuppersbergerDutch Ruppersberger | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Bobby RushBobby Rush | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Tim RyanTim Ryan | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
R. T. RybakR. T. Rybak | Wikipedia BioMNNone
Beverly RykenCONone
Gregorio SablanGregorio Sablan | Wikipedia BioMPClinton
Juan SanchezNMNone
Linda SánchezLinda Sánchez | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Loretta SanchezLoretta Sanchez | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Raymond SanchezNMClinton
Bernie SandersBernie Sanders | Wikipedia BioVTSanders
Keelan SandersMSSanders
John SarbanesJohn Sarbanes | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Lee SaundersLee Saunders | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Peggy SchafferMEClinton
Jan SchakowskyJan Schakowsky | Wikipedia BioILClinton
Brian SchatzBrian Schatz | Wikipedia BioHIClinton
Adam SchiffAdam Schiff | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Kurt SchraderKurt Schrader | Wikipedia BioORClinton
Nancy SchumacherMNClinton
Chuck SchumerChuck Schumer | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Bobby ScottBobby Scott | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
David ScottDavid Scott | Wikipedia BioGAClinton
Lori SellnerMNClinton
José E. SerranoJosé E. Serrano | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Terri SewellTerri Sewell | Wikipedia BioALClinton
Lottie ShackelfordLottie Shackelford | Wikipedia BioARClinton
Billy ShaheenNHClinton
Jeanne ShaheenJeanne Shaheen | Wikipedia BioNHClinton
Garry ShayCANone
Brad ShermanBrad Sherman | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Ken ShermanDASanders
Peter ShumlinPeter Shumlin | Wikipedia BioVTClinton
Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten Sinema | Wikipedia BioAZNone
Darryl SinkfieldALClinton
Albio SiresAlbio Sires | Wikipedia BioNJClinton
Louise SlaughterLouise Slaughter | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Adam SmithAdam Smith | Wikipedia BioWAClinton
Hilda SolisHilda Solis | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Katie SolonDANone
Jackie SpeierJackie Speier | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Dennis SpeightTXClinton
Debbie StabenowDebbie Stabenow | Wikipedia BioMIClinton
Rick StaffordMNClinton
Casey SteinauAKNone
Pam StephensonPam Stephenson | Wikipedia BioGAClinton
Paul StraussPaul Strauss | Wikipedia BioDCNone
Sharon StroscheinSDNone
Joanne SullivanCTNone
Kathy SullivanKathy Sullivan | Wikipedia BioNHClinton
Gary SuwannaratDASanders
Eric SwalwellEric Swalwell | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Susan SweckerVAClinton
Gerry SweeneyNYClinton
Annette TaddeoFLClinton
Taling M. TaitanoGUClinton
Mark TakaiMark Takai | Wikipedia BioHIClinton
Mark TakanoMark Takano | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Alexis TameronAZNone
Allison TantFLClinton
Marian TascoPAClinton
Larry TaylorORSanders
Roy TempleMOClinton
Natalie TennantNatalie Tennant | Wikipedia BioWVClinton
Jon TesterJon Tester | Wikipedia BioMTNone
Bennie ThompsonBennie Thompson | Wikipedia BioMSClinton
Mike ThompsonMike Thompson | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Senfronia ThompsonSenfronia Thompson | Wikipedia BioTXNone
Susan ThomsonMANone
Krystal ThrailkillARClinton
Dina TitusDina Titus | Wikipedia BioNVClinton
Andrew TobiasAndrew Tobias | Wikipedia BioFLNone
Earl Ray TomblinEarl Ray Tomblin | Wikipedia BioWVClinton
Paul TonkoNYClinton
Ann TornbergSDNone
Norma TorresNorma Torres | Wikipedia BioCANone
Niki TsongasNiki Tsongas | Wikipedia BioMAClinton
Shan TsutsuiShan Tsutsui | Wikipedia BioHIClinton
Galea'i Tu'ufuliASClinton
John TunelaMPClinton
Tom UdallTom Udall | Wikipedia BioNMClinton
Keith UmemotoCANone
Karen ValentineDEClinton
Chris Van HollenChris Van Hollen | Wikipedia BioMDClinton
Juan VargasJuan Vargas | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Marc VeaseyMarc Veasey | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Filemon Vela, Jr.Filemon Vela, Jr. | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Nydia VelázquezNydia Velázquez | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Pete ViscloskyPete Visclosky | Wikipedia BioINNone
Rick WadeRick Wade | Wikipedia BioDCClinton
Brian WahbyMOClinton
George WallaceVAClinton
Tim WalzTim Walz | Wikipedia BioMNClinton
Everett WardNCNone
Carolyn WarnerAZClinton
Mark WarnerMark Warner | Wikipedia BioVAClinton
Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren | Wikipedia BioMANone
Debbie Wasserman SchultzDebbie Wasserman Schultz | Wikipedia BioFLNone
Maxine WatersMaxine Waters | Wikipedia BioCAClinton
Bonnie Watson ColemanBonnie Watson Coleman | Wikipedia BioNJClinton
Randi WeingartenRandi Weingarten | Wikipedia BioNYClinton
Peter WelchPeter Welch | Wikipedia BioVTSanders
Royce WestRoyce West | Wikipedia BioTXClinton
Nan WhaleyNan Whaley | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Sheldon WhitehouseSheldon Whitehouse | Wikipedia BioRIClinton
Chris WickerNVNone
Lona WilburWANone
David WilhelmDavid Wilhelm | Wikipedia BioOHClinton
Alan WilliamsAlan Williams | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Arlanda WilliamsLAClinton
Marian WilliamsFLNone
Nikema WilliamsGAClinton
Frederica WilsonFrederica Wilson | Wikipedia BioFLClinton
Sylvia WilsonPAClinton
John WisniewskiJohn Wisniewski | Wikipedia BioNJSanders
Tom WolfPAClinton
David WorleyGAClinton
Nancy WorleyNancy Worley | Wikipedia BioALNone
Ron WydenRon Wyden | Wikipedia BioORClinton
Nancy WymanNancy Wyman | Wikipedia BioCTClinton
Rosalind WymanCAClinton
Karen YarbroughKaren Yarbrough | Wikipedia BioILClinton
John YarmuthJohn Yarmuth | Wikipedia BioKYClinton
Laurence ZaksonCAClinton
Patricia ZiegNEClinton
Rob ZimmermanNYClinton
John ZodyINNone
James ZogbyJames Zogby | Wikipedia BioDCSanders
NY Chair (vacant)NYNone
Data last compiled from Wikipedia on 26/05/2016.
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Representatives Should Represent the People.

The foundation of our country and party is Democracy. We're asking SuperDelegates to commit to a simple request - Placing their votes with the majority of the group they represent. We ask unelected officials to side with the pledged delegate majority. Any SuperDelegate who commits this should (and will) be commended. We believe this is a reasonable request for any DNC SuperDelegate. After this election we request the DNC abolish this practice and commit to conducting open elections on reliable voting machines for all states. Put plainly - We believe you should restore the party of the people, back to the people. Below we have included just a few examples of the conflict built into the current system.

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