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Fighting to Unify Labor, Build Virtual Unions, Fight Right to Work, & Promote the Buy Union, Buy American Movement.

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The Unify Labor Project

Most development projects center around filling a small niche and monetizing that efficiency, this is not one of those projects. Unify Labor is a small team of seasoned developers tasked to release an open-sourced code base providing union rights worldwide. Corporations have been attacking union protections for decades and it's goal to turn that tide.

  • A Universal Problem

    The sharp decrease in labor representation has lead to a staggering decline in inflation adjusted wages and employee benefits. If labor relations are viewed as a power struggle, ownership has certainly been taking a victory lap. While worker productivity has boomed, the pre-existing correlation between productivity and wage rate has completely decoupled. Corporations have used legislation and lobbying to attack hard earned equity and every American worker has been left to deal with those effects.

  • A Thoughtful Solution

    We've deconstructed the elements labor unions utilize to provide value and our goal is to use technology to supply those rights in a secure, immutable fashion. The ability to collectively bargain, track management satisfaction, and discuss potential recourse are crucial aspects to workers that are protected by our constitutional rights. We're aiming to bring those elements of work back into the mainstream.

  • A Methodical Approach

    After months of internal debate we have constructed a framework that will make this somewhat complicated project very feasible. While we do need to step through the process of ensuring it's legality and scalability, we can offer a interested visitors a guarantee of our priorities. The Unify Labor Project Beta will be released as an open-source solution provided to the public at no cost. All subsequent releases from our or any team, will adhere to that license and any means of potential monetization must be opt-in and optional. If you'd like a rough sketch of our approach, be sure to check out our technical details.

Fighting to Unify Labor, Build Virtual Unions, Fight Right to Work, & Committed to Promoting the Buy Union, Buy American Movement.

Technical Detail

A majority of technical details will be included in Alpha, but there are a few functional aspects we can roughly roughly. Private profiles will be used to ensure no identifying data is shared. We will be using internal surveys so workers can verifying identity & position amongst one another. Survey results will be completely anonymized so a group sentiment can be determined without the potential risk that comes with taking a stance regarding management. The beta release will include easy to follow directions for setup, along with recommendations for secure server options including a localized version which can be run directly from a teams computer.

Background Research

To fix any problem it's critical to understand it completely. Our team took a six month period to dig into the history of collective labor, advantages & disadvantages of specific aspects, the current legal framework surrounding labor, and exactly what areas technological improvements can be made to assist workers in their fight for worker equity.

Virtual Unions - UnifyLabor
Building Virtual Unions

The rights of workers will always be at odds with business owners, that's simply the nature of the relationship. When business owners accumulate enough power they often look to degrade their opposition. By building virtual unions we can use technology and the rights of free speech to ensure that workers always retain the power they deserve. Our Virtual Union project will be launching in Q1 of 2017 and we believe it's an amazing technology that will change the future of union labor.

Fight Right to Work - UnifyLabor
Let's Fight Right to Work

Ironically named "Right to Work" laws spread through the south in the 70-80's as business regulation loosened. While business cannot be faulted for striking while the "irons hot", that doesn't make these laws ethical. It's time to fight business owners attempts to strip workers rights. We're using both policy and strategic legal application to fight Right to Work measures and give workers the basic human rights they've waived in the last few decades.

Buy Union Buy American Movement
Buy Union, Buy American

The public has been pushed into embracing a replaceable culture, one way we can fix that is to Buy Union, Buy American. In an economy that must differentiate itself from constantly fighting the price game - American workers can put our focus back on quality. When American Unions create quality products and the public is encouraged to prioritize, we can stop trade dollars from fleeing our country. When we Buy Union, Buy American we put Americas economy back on the right track.

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Side Projects

We've approached the Unify Labor Project fully aware that it will be long term & cannot be top priority since we all have full-time jobs that occupy a majority of our time. That said, we don't want this project to generate any creative exhaustion, so we've allowed a small side-project for the team each year. Elements of each project will assist in our understanding, but may not adhere to the goal of the primary project. When we push our initial public release, all side projects will be released in our repository under the same open-source license.

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