Dear Democratic SuperDelegates,

There's a problem with this system. Let's fix it.

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It may seem undemocratic for a party to select it's candidates through "party insiders", but that is the current case. Luckily, we can make our voices heard through social media & hopefully appeal to the democratic ideals our party once stood for. Use the info below to contact SuperDelegates and please contact us on Twitter if you have ideas for improving this process.

Data last compiled from Wikipedia on 26/05/2016.
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DNC Primary SuperDelegate Count

It has been said that there are "lies", "damn lies", & statistics - Anyone with experience in the field will attest to that sentiment. So we'll keep is simple and explain our approach in one sentence. The center represents percent of delegates and the two graphs depict official totals and the percentage of each. For this system to be fair and representative, those two bar graphs should match.

54 %
46 %
Total Votes Cast - 4051
Clinton 2219 Votes
Sanders 1832 Votes

Delegate Count - 4051 Total Votes.

Clinton 587 Votes
48 Votes

Super Delegate Count - 712 Total Votes.

It's our opinion that if these two graphs aren't exactly the same that there is an inefficiency in the system. Our belief is that the SuperDelegates and the private interests that drive them are that inefficiency. On a temporary basis, we are supporting the idea that current superdelegates should align themselves with the public. On a long term basis, we believe it's absolutely clear that there is no place for an oligopoly in democracy.

Statistics provided by Real Clear Politics Democratic Delegate Count.

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Representatives Should Represent the People.

The foundation of our country and party is Democracy. We're asking SuperDelegates to commit to a simple request - Placing their votes with the majority of the group they represent. We ask unelected officials to side with the pledged delegate majority. Any SuperDelegate who commits this should (and will) be commended. We believe this is a reasonable request for any DNC SuperDelegate. After this election we request the DNC abolish this practice and commit to conducting open elections on reliable voting machines for all states. Put plainly - We believe you should restore the party of the people, back to the people. Below we have included just a few examples of the conflict built into the current system.